Cover Story December 2009: JSL Stainless
Strengthening its roots in innovation and leadership

A part of the O P Jindal group, JSL Limited (formerly Jindal Stainless Limited) is India's largest and fully integrated stainless steel producer. It has grown from an indigenous single-unit stainless steel plant in Hisar, India, to the present multi-location and multi-product conglomerate.

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Cover Story November 2009: Suraj Stainless Ltd.
Stainless steel seamless and welded pipes and tubes

Suraj Stainless Ltd, established in 1996, is today an ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and PED certified company, and one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of austenitic, ferritic and martensitic, as well as Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steel seamless and welded pipes, tubes and "U" tubes, including large diameter pipe, in various sizes, specifications and grades. The company's products are used in a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as chemicals, fertilizers, oil processing, refinery and petrochemicals, sugar, power plant, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, dairy, breweries, shipbuilding, and desalination plant.

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Cover Story October 2009: Schmolz + Bickenbach
The special steel experts

Individual solutions in stainless steel. A world without steel - inconceivable. In the undercarriage of aircraft, this high-tech material withstands exceptionally high loads and can handle extreme ranges of temperature. It can support bridges which are kilometres long. On the high seas it can defy wind and weather. For these, and many other demanding applications, companies around the world process special steel products such as stainless steels. This is of course also the case in economically trying times. It is precisely then that partners are needed that can manufacture the very best special steel products cost efficiently in a specific grade and with clearly defined properties applying certified production and processing procedures.

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Cover Story September 2009: Combilift Ltd
Making a load of difference

For over ten years, the Irish manufacturer Combilift Ltd has specialised in providing solutions for the handling of long and potentially awkward and hazardous loads with its range of Combilift 4-way forklifts. Many sectors, including the steel, stainless steel and offshore industries, have benefited from the company?s expertise in the design and development of a wide range of models, most of which are tailor-made to individual customer requirements.

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Cover Story August 2009: Philip Cornes Group
Global supply - whatever you need, wherever you are

Established over 50 years ago, Philip Cornes specialises in the supply of nickel alloys, and heat and corrosion resistant stainless steels. Originally based in Greet, Birmingham, the company expanded rapidly and moved to purpose-built facilities in Redditch, near Birmingham, before finally, following its acquisition by TW Metals in 1998, relocat-ing its head office, service and distribution centre to Southampton. Stainlßss Steßl Focus Editor Richard Clark recently met up with Philip Cornes managing director Gail Thomas, who is also managing director of TW Metals, at the TW Metals stand at the Paris Air Show in June, and at Achema in Frankfurt with Philip Cornes branch manager, Shirley Mansbridge.

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Cover Story July 2009: ATI Europe
Alloys for tomorrow's challenging environments

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) is one of the largest and most diversified specialty metals producers in the world with revenues of $5.3 billion during 2008. ATI has approximately 9,600 full-time employees worldwide who develop and apply innovative technologies to offer global markets a wide range of specialty metals solutions. To further serve its current customer base and develop new strategic opportunities ATI has created Market Sector Teams - ATI Aerospace, ATI Defense, ATI Oil & Gas and ATI Nuclear Energy. ATI Market Sector Teams focus ATI?s full range of diversified products, technologies, and manufacturing capabilities to a targeted market or market segment and are composed of knowledgeable commercial and technical personnel in the four operating business units of ATI Allegheny Ludlum, ATI Allvac, ATI Engineered Products and ATI Wah Chang. The article below focuses primarily on ATI Oil & Gas, followed by an introduction to the other Market Sector Teams and to ATI Europe, the commercial focus of Allegheny Technologies in Europe.

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Cover Story June 2009: Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co Ltd
Young, but born to be strong

Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel tubes and pipes. It was established in December, 2006 with a registered capital of CNY100,000,000. Its headquarters are located in Tsingshan Village, where it enjoys a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The group has assets of CNY650,000,000, an annual output value of nearly CNY1,200,000,000, and over 1,500 employees, of whom more than 10% have medium or high level professional qualifica-tions. With an annual production of 40,000 tonnes of stainless steel seamless pipes, the Stellar group ranks among the best in the Chinese stainless steel industry.

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Cover Story May 2009: Ambica Steels Limited
The Boutique for Stainless Long Products

Likewise, various customers of Ambica Steels Limited (a producer of stainless steel long products in India) characterize it as a ?Boutique Stainless Steel Mill? for its ability to offer a very wide range of products, in an extensive choice of grades, in quantities ranging from 100 kilos to 100 tons - all this exclusively tailored to satisfy its demanding customers worldwide.

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Cover Story April 2009: Nickel Institute
The nickel advantage

Developments on the nickel market over the past couple of years have led in some circles to a debate as to the role, indeed even the need, for nickel in stainless steel. While there are, of course, applications where stainless steel containing no or very little nickel may be suitable, it is perhaps time to put this debate into perspective. For this reason, over the coming months we shall be looking in some detail at the role of nickel in stainless steel. What is its purpose? Why is it needed? These are the type of questions we shall be looking at. When it comes to stainless steel, the selection of the correct grade is of the utmost importance. This series of articles is intended to assist our readers in this area of material selection. We start in this issue of Stainless Steel Focus with a general introduction to nickel-containing stainless steels. Subsequent articles will cover their physical and mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature properties, forming and joining, and sustainability. We would like to thank the Nickel Institute for its assistance in preparing this series of articles.

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Cover Story March 2009: Sankyo & Co., Ltd.
Seamless tubes and pipes for global markets

Japan's Sankyo & Co, Ltd has been supplying the global market with high quality specialist products for demanding applications for well over 30 years now. Founded in 1975 by Jun-ichi Morikawa to export electronic components, the company soon became involved in the stainless steel business. Initially supplying stainless steel tubes and pipes to one of the largest stainless steel end users in Taiwan, there soon developed a thriving business based on the export of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes sourced from Japanese mills. The product range was extended, and today, as well as seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes, includes nickel alloy, copper alloy and titanium materials.

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Cover Story February 2009: Poligrat GmbH
Adding value through surface treatment

The benefit of stainless steel is mainly determined by its corrosion resistance and passivity, and for decorative applications by the lustre and durability of its appearance. The fact that these properties, as with most others, are not only provided by the alloy composition, but to a large extent by the surface quality, is often overlooked.

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Cover Story January 2009: Hempel Special Metals
An international logistic service provider in niche markets for special metals

Hempel Special Metals has positioned itself as a logistic service provider in niche markets for special metals around the globe. The company's core business is to procure, select, process and refine a range of semi-products in stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium which are used in applications as diverse as medical implants to process industry.

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