Cover Story December 2010: Imeas
Focusing on research, and innovative finishing technologies

Imeas - Industria Macchine Ed Attrezzature Speciali was founded in 1966, and is based in Villa Cortese, Milan, Italy. It has become a technological leader in the field of metal surface finishing, and has been supplying polishing, grinding, brushing and coating machines and lines to some of the world’s largest stainless steel producers, and their related service centres, for many years. These include ThyssenKrupp, ArcelorMittal, and Schmolz+Bickenbach. More than 23 polishing lines and machines have been supplied to Outokumpu alone, and are installed at its facilities worldwide. Imeas places considerable emphasis on research and innovation, and recently launched its Cork Brite™ surface finish, which attracted considerable interest on the Imeas stand at the recent EuroBlech 2010 in Hanover.

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Cover Story November 2010: Tad Long Products S.r.l.
Acquires Terninox long products business

Tad Long Products recently acquired the long product business of Terninox (ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni) which operates in the field of stainless steel seamless and welded pipes, fittings and the full range of bar products.

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Cover Story October 2010: Sankyo & Co, Ltd
New strategic focus on growth areas

For a company to develop, and to continue to thrive, especially in periods of severe economic turmoil, as the world has just been experiencing, requires more than modern production facilities, efficient processes, and highly trained staff. Whilst all of these attributes are essential components for a successful business - and there is no disputing that Sankyo has them - what is also required in this increasingly competitive world is a coherent underlying philosophy that can transcend borders, and different cultures.
It is this, Sankyo president Jun-ichi Morikawa says, that sets the company apart from other Asian companies and mills. By fully embracing the ancient Japanese tradition of “Bushido”, adopting the spirit of the Samurai, emphasising universal core values such as honour, trust, and duty, Sankyo and its staff have built up strong personal relationships with its many overseas business friends, getting to know and understand their culture, traditions and customs.

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Cover Story September 2010: Stellar Tube and Pipe Group Co Ltd
China's leading producer of seamless stainless steel pipes

Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co Ltd is today China’s leading producer of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. Based in Tsingshan Village, conveniently located just 10km from Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport in the East, 10km from Longwan Port in the West, and 25km from Wenzhou Railway Station, the group has assets of CNY650,000,000, an an-nual output value of almost CNY1,200,000,000, and over 1,200 employees.

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Cover Story August 2010: Demis
Meeting the requirements of customers

SDV-Santioli AG, based in Dielsdorf in Switzerland, has been developing, building and selling wide coil grinding and brushing machines for 12 years now. These are known in the market under the name Demis®.

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Cover Story July 2010: Schmolz+Bickenbach
Special steel on the way up

Since the beginning of the year, the special steel sector has been experiencing a sharp recovery on international markets. The demands made on special steels have not changed as a result of the economic crisis - whether in the mechanical engineering sector, the automotive industry, or in the energy sector, tailor-made special steel solutions with specific properties continue to be required. Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly specialised special steel products, today benefits not only from its extraordinarily broad product range, but also from the unique structure of the group, which combines production, processing and distribution companies.

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Cover Story June 2010: TW Metals
Recovery underway in all sectors

In the run-up to Farnborough International Airshow, which is being held in the UK from July 19-25, 2010, Gail Thomas, managing director, TW Metals Ltd and Philip Cornes Ltd, kindly agreed to bring Stainless Steel Focus up to date regarding the latest developments at TW Metals - a major supplier of aerospace products to aerospace primes and OEMs. She also provided us with some background information about TW Metals and Philip Cornes.

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Cover Story May 2010: Castle Metals UK
High expectations as rebranding gets underway

Three years after its acquisition by the USA's A.M. Castle & Co, the Metals UK Group is undergoing a major rebranding exercise and will become Castle Metals UK. This starts a new chapter in the history of the group at a time when the economy is emerging from recession, and the company is looking forward to the future with confidence and optimism.

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Cover Story April 2010: Marcegaglia
Steel transforming the world

Marcegaglia is a success story of an entrepreneurial friendly company grown on strong values. Elements that have led the group to become, in 50 years, the industrial leader in the steel processing sector with the widest production range in Europe. "Marcegaglia is now recognised worldwide as the name of steel, and not only for the high-quality materials and the largest range of products. The words made in Marcegaglia represent values such as continuous innovation, the aspiration to achieve important goals, the passion for steel, the central role of human resources and their inherent capacities as a key factor for success. Our values form the basis of our business culture: they are the reasons behind what we do", explains Antonio Marcegaglia, CEO of the group.

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Cover Story March 2010: Gopal Group
The "stain" less people "

Reflecting success, they are surging ahead in the steel world. With a steel hard foun-dation, they fulfil the aspirations of millions." Over the years, the Gopal Group has estab-lished a global presence that is "not only stainless but also enriched with elegance and brilliance". The year 1978 - A fledgling sheet rolling mill. Annual capacity 1,000 tonnes. Fast forward to 2010 - a multi-location, multi-product behemoth. Production capacity - a staggering 120,000 tonnes per year.

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Cover Story February 2010: Stanch Stainless Steel Co Ltd
Leading Taiwanese service centre expands into European market

Stanch Stainless Steel Co Ltd is one of the largest stainless steel service centres in Asia, and a market leader when it comes to the range of stainless steel finishes supplied. Despite the worldwide economic and financial crisis, the company recently took a major step towards expansion in Europe by establishing Stanch Stainless Steel Europe GmbH, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Cover Story January 2010: Langley Alloys
Pioneers of superduplex Langley Alloys - as durable as its alloys

Langley Alloys Ltd is a British company with a worldwide reputation for inventing and supporting advanced stainless steels, nickel and bronze alloys. It has been involved with the development of high-performance alloys for 70 years. The extreme demands made on subsea systems at extreme depths, or by aerospace applications at higher speeds and greater payloads, or the sustained functional performance required in the harsh conditions found in modern power generation or chemical production plant - these are just some of the challenges which have been met by corrosion-resistant alloys developed and distributed by Langley. This feature, which is exclusive to Stainlßss Steßl Focus, looks at the principal stainless grades the company offers, key stages of its history in brief, and recent developments and plans for its business, including a first acquisition in the USA, announced only in December 2009.

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