Cover Story January 2011: S+D Spezialstahl Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Standing still is a step backwards - following this basic precept, S+D Spezialstahl Handelsgesellschaft mbH has been evolving, since its founding in 1997, into one of the largest stockists of special steels for aerospace, as well as of titanium and titanium alloys, in Europe. The company’s head office and warehouse, with its associated service centre, are located in Stelle in North Germany. Here the company has a covered warehousing area of a good 5,000 sq metres at its disposal, on a site totalling more than 12,000 sq metres.

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Cover Story February 2011: Timesavers International B.V.

Timesavers International BV is a world leader today when it comes to the development and supply of wide belt machines and lines. Its customers are to be found around the globe - in the USA and Canada, Europe (including Russia), Asia (China, South Korea, India), southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia), South Africa and Australia. Whether the task is deburring, edge rounding, surface finishing or calibrating, whether it is for stainless steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals or “exotic” metals, Timesavers International has, it says, a machine for the job.

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Cover Story March 2011: Marcegaglia SpA

At Tube 2012 which is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany, March 26-30, the Italy-based Marcegaglia group will be presenting a program of meetings over the three main days with key executives illustrating strategies and experiences, know-how and perspectives on a global level, and with the participation of CEO Antonio Marcegaglia.

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Cover Story April 2011: Schmolz + Bickenbach AG

As a global market leader in the area of stainless steel long products, Schmolz +
Bickenbach AG will be presenting its extensive range of capabilities at wire 2012. Central to the company’s participation at the trade fair are the products and innovations of its own production facilities, as well as the international supply chains of its distribution companies. At Tube, which is taking place alongside wire 2012, the group will once again be presenting its extensive range of tubular products.

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Cover Story May 2011: Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co., Ltd.

Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co Ltd, with its two main production facilities Zhejiang Tsing-shan Steel Pipe Co Ltd, and Zhejiang Stellar Pipe Industry Co Ltd, has quickly become the largest producer of seamless stainless steel tube and pipe in China. Further increases in production capacity are anticipated over the next few years, and it is planned to extend the product range to include superduplex and ferritic grades. Already a significant exporter, the company is also planning to further expand its global presence on the stainless steel tube and pipe market.

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Cover Story June 2011: TW Metals

With just a few weeks to go before the 49th International Paris Air Show, it seemed an opportune time to once again catch up with Gail Thomas, managing director of TW Metals, to hear about the latest developments at her company. Aerospace products account for some 50% of TW Metals’ sales, and its clients include many of the world’s major engine and aircraft manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Pratt Whitney, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Cessna, General Electric, Eaton, Honeywell etc.

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Cover Story July 2011: Wilhelm Schulz GmbH

After only last year announcing its latest US$300m investment in the USA, construction of the Schulz Group of Companies’ new seamless pipe mill in Tunica, Mississippi, is already approaching completion. This leading German pipe and fittings manufacturer is due to start production of seamless pipes in a tremendous range of stainless and high alloyed steels at the new plant in the third quarter of this year.

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Cover Story August 2011: TW Metals

Philip Cornes has been successfully supplying heat and corrosion resistant stainless steels and nickel alloys in a wide range of product forms for over 50 years.  The company is an established market leader and maintains its prominence by staying ahead of the market curve, and continually investing in the range of inventory and processing for the future needs of its customers.

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Cover Story September 2011: Ambica Steels Limited

As in Art so in stainless steel, finesse and class determine the best from the rest. The versatility of steel gives it a wide range and its properties fill it with qualities that can compete with that of French Impressionism or Post-Modernism.

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Cover Story October 2011: Schmolz + Bickenbach

Increasing mobility and urbanisation, shortages of resources and a drive towards great-er efficiency - the global megatrends of the coming years are not difficult to predict. For the special steel market this means growing demand in the rapidly developing countries of India, China and Brazil, and a growing requirement for highly specialised steel solutions in the Western industrialised countries. As an integrated steel concern with its three divisions - production, processing and distribution - Schmolz + Bickenbach AG is well positioned to meet the needs of the future.

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Cover Story November 2011: Sankyo & Co, Ltd

Sankyo & Co, Ltd is expecting to report a 40% increase in sales in 2011 to over Yen6.5 billion, CEO Jun-ichi Morikawa has told Stainless Steel Focus. Pre-tax profit for the year is expected to be up at around Yen100m (around US$1.3m) assuming that the Yen remains strong, he added. Sales in terms of tonnage are anticipated to rise by around 15% from 6,250 tonnes last year to between 7,200 and 7,300 tonnes this year.

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Cover Story December 2011: Jürgen Witte Nederland BV

37 years after the founding of Jürgen Witte Nederland BV, the company has undergone a restructuring process appropriate for the times. At Witte, certainty and reliability, but also being innovative and international, are now emphasised even more than previously - and that is reflected not least in the new name: Witte Tube & Pipe Systems GmbH.

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