Cover Story January 2012: MCB Deutschland GmbH

The MCB group based in Valkenswaard near Eindhoven comprises some 10 service centres in several European countries. MCB is well known when it comes to steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and fasteners. MCB Deutschland GmbH in Dormagen has two roles in the group. Firstly, it is where stocks are held, and where processing and distribution activities are located, for the important German market.  Secondly, it is the specialist in the MCB group for duplex and lean duplex grades - worldwide.

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Cover Story February 2012: Combilift Ltd

Find out how to improve handling and storage procedures by visiting Combilift on stand D41 in Hall 6 at this year’s Tube. Combilift is the global market leader in the long load handling sector and manufactures a wide range of 4-way forklifts, all of which are designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of the large and bulky loads typically handled in the tube sector.

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Cover Story March 2012: Marcegaglia SpA

At Tube 2012 which is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany, March 26-30, the Italy-based Marcegaglia group will be presenting a program of meetings over the three main days with key executives illustrating strategies and experiences, know-how and perspectives on a global level, and with the participation of CEO Antonio Marcegaglia.

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Cover Story April 2012: Schmolz + Bickenbach AG

As a global market leader in the area of stainless steel long products, Schmolz + Bickenbach AG will be presenting its extensive range of capabilities at wire 2012. Central to the company’s participation at the trade fair are the products and innovations of its own production facilities, as well as the international supply chains of its distribution companies. At Tube, which is taking place alongside wire 2012, the group will once again be presenting its extensive range of tubular products.

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Cover Story May 2012: Sverdrup Steel

Sverdrup Steel can trace its history back to 1992 when Torstein Erevik, who is the company’s ceo today, founded Sverdrup Hanssen Spezialstal AS in order to supply customers in the Norwegian oil and gas service industry with readily available, high performance bar and plate materials directly from stock, and with a high level of service. The company changed its name to Sverdrup Steel in February of this year, partly to reflect its increasingly international outlook, and to underline a new strategy and profile for the company.

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Cover Story June 2012: TW Metals

There have been a number of major new developments at TW Metals since we last wrote about the company in June of last year, Gail Thomas, vice president and managing director - Europe, has told Stainless Steel Focus. Substantial investments have been made, and continue to be made, in new warehousing capacity, and in new processing equipment, in the UK, in Europe, and the USA, and a prestigious new service contract has been awarded to the company.

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Cover Story July 2012: Nickel Institute

In 2012, stainless steel is everywhere in our world. We find stainless steel in our homes, in our buildings and offices, in the vehicles we travel in, and of course, in every industrial sector imaginable.  And yet just one hundred years ago, the first patents on stainless steel were issued. How did stainless steel become a metal of such great desirability in the last one hundred years so that in 2011 over 32m tonnes were produced?  And how does nickel, an important alloying element in most stainless steel alloys, contribute to the high demand for stainless steel?  In this article by Gary Coates, consultant, and Peter Cutler, director, promotion, at the Nickel Institute, we will discover some of the reasons for the increasing popularity of this material.

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Cover Story August 2012: Sankyo & Co, Ltd

Sankyo & Co, Ltd, a major Tokyo-based exporter of seamless stainless steel pipe and tube established in 1975, which already has its own mill in China, is to set up a new redrawing mill in Saga Prefecture, in the western part of Japan.

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Cover Story September 2012: Stellar Tube & Pipe Group Co Ltd

Stellar Tube & Pipe group has not only dramatically increased its production capacity since it began operations in 2006, but has continued to extend the range of grades it offers and added new products to its portfolio. It has developed a global customer base, and has become increasingly end-user focused. 

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Cover story October 2012: Demis Wide Belt Processing Systems

Progress through innovation is of particular significance at the present time. Terms such as crisis, difficult economic climate, etc, are making headlines. The impact of this can be felt everywhere, and so it is time to bring back the old adage: prevention is better than cure. A principle which can be applied to almost all areas of life. Already practiced by some, others are still waiting to discover this truth.

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Cover story November 2012: Corrotherm International Limited

With more than 135 years of in-house experience and unrivalled technical expertise, nickel alloy specialist Corrotherm International’s know-how and expertise extends way beyond the latest alloy technological advances in front-end engineering and design.

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Cover story December 2012: Teuling Staal

Teuling Staal, founded in 1977 in Barendrecht in the Netherlands, was acquired last year by the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group, and recently relocated to the Van Leeuwen facilities in Zwijndrecht. Teuling Staal is a key player when it comes to duplex and super duplex pipes, fittings, flanges and special products.

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