Cover Story December 2013: Hernandez Edelstahl

Founded in 2005, Hernandez Edelstahl very quickly grew into an impressive and successful operation with some 210 employees today. This can be attributed in no small measure to the business acumen of the founder, current owner and managing director, Carlos Hernandez, an accomplished networker with a vast market experience stretch-ing back over some 30 years, who has always emphasised the need to build up trusting and lasting relationships with all the main players in the market. A goal which he has clearly achieved.

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Cover Story November 2013: Sankyo & Co, Ltd

Japan’s Sankyo & Co, Ltd has continued to thrive and expand, against an often severe economic backdrop. Initially operating as a trading company, it is today also a signi-ficant producer of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes with its own mill in China, and now also in Japan. It has become a significant player around the globe in what are today some of the key growth markets in the stainless steel sector, not least in the energy sector.

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Cover Story October 2013: Goodluck Group

Goodluck Group is a reputed manufacturer of welded pipes and tubes, CRCA coils, in India catering to the needs of several industries, ranging from automo-tive to construction and the petrochemical industry. This highly regarded manufacturer offers highly engineered quality products: forged flanges, forged bars and bright bars.

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Cover Story September 2013: Combilift Ltd

Since Combilift developed the world’s first engine powered, all wheel drive multidirectional forklift in 1998 it has achieved unparalleled growth in the materials handling industry. Starting with just 18 units in the first year, over 19,000 units have now been sold in more than 75 countries and Combilift is acknowledged as the world leader in the market for long load handling solutions.

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Cover Story August 2013: SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group

Competitive strength is what really matters. Highly productive processes and products that accommodate increasing market demands are a crucial factor for the success of an enterprise. A prime example is the trend towards sustainable mobility. To obtain environmentally-friendly car engines, components have to become both more compact and more powerful. Without modified stainless steel solutions to meet these demands, downsizing simply  is not  possible. Reliable partners are needed who can supply cost-effective special steel products manufactured in quality-assured production and further processing operations in the shapes required.

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Cover Story July 2013: Stainless Guide 2014

The Stainless Guide is the globally leading directory for stainless steel semi-finished products. Sheet, strip, bar, tube and pipe, fittings etc from all around the world are to be found in what is today the most comprehensive reference work available in our sector. The 2013 edition, of which 12,000 copies were printed, has already sold out. Every single copy was distributed in response to the express wishes of readers and other stainless steel professionals, either by post, at trade fairs, or other national and international stainless steel events! No other stainless steel industry publication enjoys such wide recognition, whether in Europe, or further afield.

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Cover Story June 2013: TW Metals

TW Metals has an impressive history. It was founded from the merger between Williams and Company and Tubesales in the USA which combined 145 years of experience in the steel distribution business, building on several strategic global acquisitions. Over the past decade the company has continued to go from strength to strength, establishing and expanding operations in France, Poland, the UK, and the USA. Just recently it opened a new warehouse facility in Italy to support a major new contract.

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Cover Story May 2013: Marcegaglia SpA

Accounting today for about 22% of group turnover, Marcegaglia’s stainless steel activities are strongly based on a consolidated presence in the welded tube sector - as the world’s top producer - with a new focus on hot rolled and cold rolled flat products. The result is a new, multi-dimensional face for the Italy-based manufacturer, acting on several markets as a global partner for companies who engineer solutions for building and construction, for the process industry (including food and beverage), and for the automotive and mechanical sector.

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Cover Story April 2013: Aperam Stainless Precision

Aperam Stainless Precision occupies a unique position in the field of precision flat stainless steel. With a capacity of 30,000 tonnes, it offers the most comprehensive and innovative range of precision flat stainless steel products in the world, covering thicknesses from 0.025mm, and widths up to 1040mm, and a complete range of grades including austenitics, ferritics, martensitics and now also Duplex.

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Cover Story March 2013: Nickel Institute

The use of biofuels is increasing in order to reduce net CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Biofuels - mostly ethanol, diesel and methane - can be produced both from waste organic material and from crops grown for the purpose. Nickel-containing stainless steels are selected for their corrosion resistance, ease and speed of fabrication, and wide availability. The article below is based on an article which originally appeared in Nickel magazine which is published by the Nickel Institute. 

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Cover Story February 2013: Ambica Steels Ltd

Stainless Steel Focus last interviewed Ambica’s management in September 2011 and much has changed since then. We now enter 2013 and speak to them once again.

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Cover Story January 2013: Poligrat GmbH

Sustainability and conservation of resources are becoming increasingly important when selecting production processes for technical value added, economic viability and long-term development potential. This is not only applicable to the processes themselves, but even more so to the products manufactured by these processes. Sustainability also includes that the processes when being used meet the legal requirements in the long term, and recognise and take into account in a timely fashion the developments in this area, such as, for example, the new European chemical regulations (REACH).

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