Cover Story December 2014: Raccortubi Group

2014 has been a busy year for Raccortubi Group, one of the world’s leading stockhold-ers, suppliers and manufacturers of piping materials in stainless steel, duplex, super-duplex, superaustenitics and nickel alloys. With the establishment of three new subsidiaries over the course of the past year, each boasting its own warehouse, it has been a period for implementing change and, more importantly, bringing about growth. Raccortubi has made significant investments to enhance its unique organisational structure in a dynamic combination of both stockholding and manufacturing facilities, all in the name of providing its clients with a customised service, based on flexibility and short delivery times.

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Cover Story November 2014: Viraj Profiles Ltd

Way back in 2007, the Editor had the opportunity to take the short helicopter flight from Mumbai to see the Viraj Profiles operation in Thane, Maharashtra, at first hand. At that time, the company was fully focused on investing in its already impressive facilities to further expand and facilitate its product offering to customers, and had, for example, just recently invested in its own wire rod mill. The philosophy on which the company was founded has clearly not changed, and this year Viraj commissioned a fully automatic section rolling mill, the first of its kind in India. By all accounts, this will not be the last piece of news to emerge from the company.

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Cover Story October 2014: Combilift Ltd

Having the right equipment for the right job is a prerequisite for successful, productive and safe operations across all aspects of a business, and this is equally the case when it comes to the handling and storage of raw materials and finished products.  Forklift trucks, which have been a common sight in and around the warehouse since the 1950s, have played a major part in reducing the need for manual handling down to a minimum and enabling quicker movement of goods in and around the warehouse.

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Cover Story September 2014: Saritas Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Saritas was founded in 1957 by Hüseyin Saritas, dealing with carbon steel and scrap. By the 1970s, the company had entered also into stainless steel trading activities covering both flat and long products. Starting from the 1980s, the company has been concentrat-ing solely on stainless steel products. From 1987 the second generation is leading the company - Ercüment and Selcuk Saritas.

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Cover Story August 2014: Sankyo & Co, Ltd

Initially operating as a trading company, Sankyo became a fully fledged producer of stainless steel tubes on the establishment of its own mill in China – Sankyo Stainless Tube (Shenyang) Co, Ltd - in the mid-1990s. In recent years, the company has also increasingly placed its focus on supplying products “made in Japan”, establishing a new redrawing mill in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture in the west of Japan, targeting demand for the highest quality products, to the tightest tolerances, and at a reasonable price with short delivery times. The company is now planning to further expand the product range at its Japanese mill, and to undertake further significant investment in the facilities.

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Cover Story July 2014: TW Metals

TW Metals has an impressive history. Founded from the merger between Williams and Company and Tubesales in the USA it combines 145 years of experience in the steel distribution business, building on several strategic global acquisitions.

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Cover Story June 2014: VDM Metals

VDM Metals is one of the world’s leading producers of high performing metallic materials. The company’s alloys are used in very hot or wet and highly corrosive environments. Thanks to steady investments in research and development, in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and in the people behind all that, VDM is well prepared for future challenges.

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Cover Story May 2014: Schmolz + Bickenbach Group

In designing premium-class vehicles, customization of the interior plays a decisive role. As a modern alternative to piano lacquer and solid wood, the current trend is high-quality stainless steel wire fabrics. For a lasting flawless look for controls and instruments, gear-shifting gate and loudspeakers, the stainless steel wire used in these applications must meet strict requirements: in addition to a smooth surface, the focus is also on corrosion resistance. Cost effective production is also a pivotal requirement on the way from wire to design fabric. Knowledge of the material and state-of-the-art production facilities are needed to produce the optimum stainless steel wire.

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Cover Story April 2014: Marcegaglia SpA

If we look at Marcegaglia’s recent past as a seamless whole with the present and near future, it can be clearly seen that its investment strategy has made the Italian group one of the main global players in the steel industry, as it has achieved an active entrance onto the world’s biggest markets with local production and logistics facilities joined over the years by a dedicated sales organisation.

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Cover Story March 2014: Böllinghaus Steel GmbH

Böllinghaus Steel specialises in high quality stainless steel bars for technically highly demanding industries, ranging from the chemical industry, the energy and mechanical engineering sectors, to medical applications. Produced according to international standards in its own works in Portugal, the company’s products are supplied to customers all over the globe.

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Cover Story February 2014: International Titanium Association

The International Titanium Association (ITA) is an international membership based trade organization dedicated to the titanium metal industry. Established in 1984, the ITA’s main mission is to connect the public interested in using titanium with specialists from across the globe who may offer sales and technical assistance.

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Cover Story January 2014: Outokumpu

At the end of 2012, Outokumpu became the new global leader in stainless steel through the acquisition of Inoxum, the stainless steel arm of ThyssenKrupp. Today, Outokumpu boasts the widest product offering in the market, which covers all stainless steel grades. Outokumpu has production units in China, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK and the USA and its sales and service centre network covers all continents.

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