Cover Story December 2015: Harald Pihl Group

Founded in 1912 in Sweden, the family-owned Harald Pihl group can be considered today one of the largest distributors of specialty alloys in Europe when it comes to the range of grades and product forms held in stock. Its reach today extends far beyond Sweden - throughout Europe and even further afield.

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Cover Story November 2015: Globus Stal

Despite the instability of the general economic situation in Russia and globally, Globus-Stal continues its constant development and is launching new projects, extending the stainless steel consumer market.

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Cover Story Oktober 2015: VDM Metals GmbH

VDM Metals is one of the world’s leading producers of high performing metallic materials. The company’s alloys are used in very hot or wet and highly corrosive environments. Thanks to steady investments in research and development, in state-of-the-art manu-facturing technology and in the people behind all that, VDM is well prepared for future challenges.

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Cover Story September 2015: Timesavers International B.V.

Timesavers is one of the largest and technologically most advanced manufacturers of wide belt grinding machine solutions. It services the metal, special materials and plastic processing industries in the belt-width range 200-2,600mm.

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Cover Story August 2015: Sankyo & Co, Ltd

Sankyo & Co, Ltd celebrated its 40th anniversary in January 2015, a major milestone since its establishment as a Japanese trading company exporting seamless pipes and tubes in stainless steel and other exotic materials made in Japan to its worldwide customers. The company started business after it was appointed as the preferred supplier of Japanese pipes and tubes by the Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan. Since then, Sankyo has expanded its commercial rights by a number of long-term contracts principally with the major domestic manufacturers. Today, it has a strong sales network throughout the world from the West, to Africa, and even Central Asia. Sankyo president and CEO Jun-ichi (Johnnie) Morikawa recently looked back at the 40 year history of the company which is now advancing to reach an annual turnover of US$100m.

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Cover Story Juli 2015: Schmolz + Bickenbach Group

Flying overseas or delving into space - both would be impossible without reliable steel. For competitive components, aerospace manufacturers now depend on the technical competence and delivery flexibility of material suppliers more than ever before. With high-end products and solutions, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH is one of the world's leading providers of stainless steel products for the aerospace industry.

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Cover Story Mai 2015: Marcegaglia S.p.A.

As part of the Expo Milan 2015 international debate on food and nutrition themes, a key contribution comes also from stainless steel producers. Marcegaglia has developed a dedicated and certified range of welded tubes for the food & dairy sector that can guarantee food safety within the whole production chain, and will support a conference organized by Made in Steel and Centro Inox on May 21, 2015 to discuss these hot topics. Yet stainless steel is a premium raw material playing a key role in other growing sectors as well: from energy to HVAC systems, to automotive.

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Cover Story April 2015: Steelcom Fittings s.r.l.

Steelcom Fittings Srl was established in January 2011 in Ostiglia, Italy, following the merger of Nuova Steelcom SpA and Gelmi Fittings Srl, two well-established producers of stainless steel elbows and fittings. Nuova Steelcom and Gelmi Fittings started production in the 1980s estab-lishing, over the years, a firm presence on both national and international markets for the production of stainless steel welding and expanding elbows.

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Cover Story March 2015: International Titanium Association

Titanium Europe 2015 will provide outlooks on world supply and demand, illuminate developments on the ever-lengthening global supply chain, and will discuss the dynamics of the titanium industry.

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Cover Story February 2015: HW-Inox GmbH

Ten years for HW-INOX is synonymous with an “incredible” rate of growth. Launched in 2005, this Ratingen, Germany, based company is today one of the largest stockhold-ers of hot rolled quarto plate in Europe. Currently, some 6,000 tonnes of plate are held in stock which can be placed at the disposal of customers on a just-in-time basis. The extraordinarily broad product range is designed to meet market demand promptly and very cost effectively. Despite the very cyclical environment, and the fact that demand in Europe has not increased noticeably over the past few years, HW-INOX has consistently achieved double-digit growth. In 2014, it was even over 20%. In 2010, turnover was still at around Euro36m, whereas last year products valued at over Euro76m were invoiced.

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Cover Story January 2015: TW Metals Ltd

As of January 1, this year the Philip Cornes operation of TW Metals has been rebranded TW Metals Speciality Distribution. Philip Cornes, based in Longbridge, Birmingham, is well known as a supplier of heat and corrosion resistant alloys, and particularly nickel alloys. The Editor recently had the opportunity to meet up with Mike Street, Regional Sales Director for TW Metals Speciality Distribution at the Longbridge facility.

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