Cover Story December 2016: POLYSOUDE S.A.S.

Market leader, Krones AG, founded in 1951 in Germany, designs, develops, manufactures and installs systems around the world for filling and packaging technology, conforming to the High-Purity Standards. 

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Cover Story November 2016: EWM AG

“Customers require an increasing amount of data, and we are able to meet this need,” says Franc van Wilgen, managing director of Geha BV, summing up the biggest advantage of ewm Xnet. The Dutch company manufactures fans, ventilator covers and steel structures for heat exchangers at its plant in Nieuw Amsterdam, close to the border with Germany. These products are used all over the world for air cooling in processes in the chemical, oil and gas industries, including processes carried out in very demanding climatic conditions. Quality certifications and traceability are becoming more and more important where such critical components are concerned. 

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Cover Story September 2016: IMEAS spa

Imeas, which stands for Industrial Machinery and Special Equipment, was founded by Messrs Angelo and Piero Carnaghi and Abramo Termignone on May 14, 1966, and was originally based in Busto Arsizio. The business purpose was, and remains to this day, the design and construction of machinery employing an abrasive belt as the main tool.

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Cover Story August 2016: International Titanium Association

Titanium Europe 2016, the conference and exhibition organized by the International Titanium Association (ITA), was held April 18-20 in Paris, France. Jennifer Simpson, ITA’s association executive, said this fourth annual event served as a platform to pro-vide insights into the European titanium industry. This event will be followed by the ann-ual North American gathering, also hosted by the ITA, and being held this year in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, September 25-28.

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Cover Story July 2016:

The fact that many companies have huge quantities of surplus stock in their warehouses would suggest that it is only logical and rational to offer this material on a trading platform on the world wide web. Looking back at his enlightening trip through the warehouses of the metals industry and the surprising findings from the start-up,Yves Reymond, managing director, and Co-Owner of GmbH told Stainlßss Steßl Focus: “By assuming that the trading platform would simply run on its own, we couldn’t have got it more wrong!”

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Cover Story May 2016: Siedentop GmbH Edelstahl Oberflächentechnik

High costs. Strict conditions in accordance with German emission laws (Bundes-Immission-Schutz-Gesetz (BImSchG). Technically demanding work processes. Good reasons to outsource pickling of stainless steel - toll pickling has become established as an alternative for this material. An in-house pickling plant is in many cases a thing of the past. But the trend is changing.

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Cover Story April 2016: Sankyo & Co, Ltd.

Last year, in January 2015, Sankyo & Co, Ltd celebrated its 40th anniversary, a major milestone since it was established on January 7, 1975 as a Japanese trading company exporting seamless pipes and tubes in stainless steel and other exotic materials to customers around the world. After 40 years of successful growth in trading and production, the company is now already looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary, and continues to respond quickly and flexibly to the changing requirements of its custom-ers around the globe.

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Cover Story March 2016: Marcegaglia SpA

A new structure has been introduced at Marcegaglia, splitting off the diversified operations from the company’s core business of steel processing, which the group intends to focus on and strengthen to develop and distribute the widest range of steels in terms of thicknesses and grades in Italy and in the world.

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Cover Story February 2016: Aamor Inox Ltd

Ambica Stainless Steel Limited is now Aamor Inox Limited. “Over the years we have built a reputation for uncompromising and fierce dedication to our clients. And that’s not going to change.”

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Cover Story January 2016: Acciaierie Valbruna SpA

Acciaierie Valbruna is a private company with 2,500 employees and an annual output of approximately 200,000 tonnes of specialty steels. The company is a fully-integrated producer of stainless steel, high nickel and titanium alloy long products with mills in Vicen-za and Bolzano in Italy, as well as in Fort Wayne in the USA. Its products meet the highest technical requirements for the most demanding of applications, and it has an extensive global distribution network ensuring constant direct contact with customers wherever they may be located around the world.

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